Directions for completing Pre-Participation Forms

  1. Visit
  2. Log In or Sign Up for Free
    • If you are new to the site you will fill out a profile sheet to create an account. Here you will select “Student” or “Parent” as your Account Type
  3. Once you are signed up, PlanetHS will direct you to create a Profile.  Here you will enter your information.  Students will select their “SCHOOL” and graduation year.
  4. My Linked Accounts”  - Here parents can connect their account to their students or vice versa.
  5. You will be given the option to Review or Fill Out Athletic Forms.  You can always come back to the forms by clicking on the “ATHLETIC FORMS” tab on your homepage.
  6. Athletic Pre-Participation
    •  Parents/students will need to fill out all of the forms; Preparticipation Physical EvaluationHistory Form, Parent’s Permission & Acknowledgement of Risk for Son or Daughter to Participate in Athletics, Athlete/Parent Concussion Statement, Steadman Hawkins Sports Medicine Services Consent and Authorization (Optional)
    • Preparticipation Physical Evaluation – Physical Examination Form will be completed by your medical services provider at the time of you physical examination appointment.  A scan or high quality photo of that completed form can then be uploaded to your account under this tab.
    • Birth Certificate – A scan or high quality photo of your students birth certificate can be uploaded under this tab.
  7. When both the student and parent sections of the forms are completed, your school athletic director will be able to check them to make sure everything complies with eligibility for participation.
  8. Athletic insurance can be paid by using which can be found on your schools website.  (If you have trouble finding it, try looking under meal or menus information as SchoolBucks can be used to pre-pay for lunches as well.)