Energy Management - Major Incentives

Multi-Tier approach – Capital Improvements, Behavior Modification, Administrative

Capital Improvements

  • Energy efficient technologies incorporated into new construction:

Energy Management

High efficient lighting – T8/T5s, CFLs

  • Lighting controls – occupancy sensors, timers, photocells
  • Web based central energy management system for HVAC
  • Heat recovery systems – free cooling, heat wheels, hot gas reheat
  • Dedicated outside air ventilation systems – decouples ventilation from comfort HVAC
  • High efficiency HVAC equipment

Retrofit Energy Improvement Projects:

  • Re-commissioning/Building tune-ups
  • Lighting
  • Heat Recovery
  • HVAC system optimization

Behavior Modification

  • Location checklists
  • Walk through audits
  • Plug load reduction – computers, refrigeration, lamps, water coolers, etc.
  • Best of class contests – high performing energy savers
  • Energy awareness training for staff – what can you do on a daily basis to save energy


  • Summer shutdown procedures – isolate occupied areas, coordinate cleaning
  • Cleaning procedures – area cleaning, group cleaning
  • Utility bill accounting and verification
  • Real time energy consumption analysis and reporting
  • Utility rate analysis – can you save on a different rate
  • Central HVAC temperature set point control and scheduling