Headliners On Line

What Is A Headliner?

As a Headliner, you are the eyes and ears of the Communications Department. Your job is to contribute items of news interest, such as news from the classroom and student and staff awards, to the District Communications Department for website postings, Media Tip Sheet, and Enlighten E-News.

Your role is to provide information concerning student and staff activities and achievements, and information about school programs. You do not serve as spokesman for your school or the District concerning controversial issues. In these cases, refer the reporter to your principal, supervisor, or the Communications Department.

Starting the Headliner Program

Meet with your principal or supervisor to discuss how the program will work in your school. Become familiar with your school’s programs and staff achievements. You might want to place a box in a central location where information can be left for you.

Ask for story ideas from teachers, parents, and others. Ask them to email detailed information to you, including contact name and phone number. Discuss potential news stories during staff meetings. Always provide your principal or supervisor with a copy of your news release for approval prior to distribution.