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Academic Support Services is responsible for assessing, developing, and evaluating curriculum; coordinating special programs; and providing for the continuous improvement of instruction. Our Team provides leadership in Curriculum and Instruction. We support administrators, teachers, and other instructional personnel as they engage all students in quality learning experiences leading to higher student achievement.

Academic Support Services Contacts

Karen Ambrose, Academic Specialist for 6-12 Social Studies
(864) 452-0170 |

Andrea Bell,  Academic Specialist for Health and Physical Education
(864) 355-3181 |

Stephanie Burdette, Academic Specialist K-5 Mathematics
(864) 355-3193 |

Katie Delloso, K-5 Academic Specialist for STEAM/Science and Digital Literacy
(864) 355-3187 |

Tami Finley, K-5 Academic Specialist for ELA and Social Studies
(864) 355-7313 |

Stephanie Calloway, Academic Specialist for 6-12 Science/STEM
(864) 355-5395 |

Kristy Jennings, Academic Specialist for K-5 English Language Arts
(864) 355-3190 |


Valerie Muller, Academic Specialist for 6-12 Mathematics
(864) 355-3189 |

Kelly Nalley, Academic Specialist for K-12 IB, Magnet, and World Languages
(864) 355-4817 |

Shayla S. Read, Academics Specialist for 6-12 English Language Arts
(864) 355-3127 |

Fran Rogers, Middle Level Academic Specialist
(864) 355-3359 |

Jane Snyder, Coordinator Gifted and Talented Programs, AP Coordinator
(864) 355-4821|

Dr. Jamie Whitlock, Academic Specialist Career and Technical Education
(864) 355-0937 |