Greenville County Schools Virtual Program

Students will stay enrolled in their assigned school but be taught virtually. Students will receive schedules just like they do in the brick and mortar school. Most courses will be offered in the Virtual Program. If a course cannot be offered, parents will be notified prior to school starting so they can make an informed decision. Parents may request a move back to the brick and mortar school. The request will be accommodated if space is available.

If you have questions concerning the Virtual Program, please email

K12 Virtual Program Website

Attendance Procedures

Students are counted present when they are present in a Google Meet for the entire time of instruction and are required to have their cameras on while in class (face visible).  When taking any major assessment, students’ faces must be clearly seen for the entire time. 

Parents have the legal responsibility of ensuring their children attend school. In the virtual environment, this means attending Google Meets, checking into their Google Classrooms and completing assignments daily for each class.

All virtual classes are offered at the scheduled time with a live teacher to provide instruction.  Students are expected to participate every day in live sessions at scheduled times.  Attendance will be taken daily in accordance with the Compulsory School Attendance Law and S.C. Code of Regulations.  Uniform rules have been adopted and are aligned with those used in all Greenville County Schools

Absence notes should be submitted by the parent or a doctor’s office may also email a copy of a medical note directly to:

Elementary: *

Middle: *

High: *

*A scanned document, or a picture of the document may be submitted.

Additional High School Credit Courses

Additional high school credit courses are taught online, offering increased flexibility for students in rising 7th through 12th grades, through GCVSP, Greenville County Schools’ adjunct virtual program. GCVSP, an adjunct program,  is distinctly different from the full virtual program in several ways.  To see the differences between GCVSP and the full virtual program , please click here. This supplemental option is available to 7th through 12th grade students in fall, spring or summer terms who are either brick and mortar students or fully virtual students.  A student may register to take one or two online courses in GCVSP’s high school virtual program to resolve a scheduling conflict, to take additional courses to get ahead, to make up lost credit due to transfer from one school to another, or to repeat a course failed.  South Carolina’s state-sponsored virtual program, VIRTUALSC, an additional supplemental option for students in 9th through 12th grades, offers online courses in collaboration with local school districts.  For Greenville County Schools students, registration in either program (GCVSP or VIRTUALSC) is through the student’s school counselor at the school where the student is currently enrolled.

For more information, click on the links below:

Additional High School Courses

GCVSP Website VirtualSC Website