South Carolina Education and Economic Development Act (EEDA)

Personal Pathways to Success

The South Carolina Education and Economic Development Act (EEDA) requires school districts to develop a curriculum organized around the career cluster system. In the organization of the district curriculum around the career cluster system, the district divided the 16 career clusters into five schools of study. Under each school of study a student will find related career clusters. Under each career cluster, the student will find the majors that are offered.

Download Clusters Booklet (PDF - 818 KB) By selecting a cluster of study in eighth grade, students will have the opportunity to explore different careers and possible majors within each cluster throughout high school. In the clusters booklet, the majors and the courses required for a particular major will vary slightly from school to school based on the school’s course offerings. Click this link to read more about the 16 different career clusters.

Personal Pathways to Success is designed to help students take control of planning for their futures. Organized around 16 clusters of study, students, parents, and counselors work together to develop Individual Graduation Plans (IGPs PDF - 198 KB) that specify a student’s cluster, major, post-secondary goals, planned high school activities, and planned out-of-class activities.

The Personal Pathways system maintains the state’s established high school graduation requirements—17 required academic core courses plus seven electives—but requires that all students declare a career major in one of a number of different clusters of study. More on this (PDF - 181 KB)

Personal Pathways to Success provides the solid mix of academic and technical skills students need to compete in the global economy. It gives students a reason to achieve in school by connecting success in school with success in life. It maintains South Carolina’s core academic requirements while opening up pathways to success for students no matter where they lead — to two-year colleges, four-year colleges or universities, the military, or directly into the workforce.

More about the 16 different career clusters.

More at the South Carolina Department of Education Career And Technology Education web site and at South Carolina Pathways to Success