Greenville, South Carolina
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Current Teaching Positions

New: Are you a teacher candidate interested in applying for the 2019-2020 school year? Create your teacher candidate profile and apply directly to Teacher Job Application Job Id: #5677. This teacher pool is for all content areas and is open to external candidates only.

From January to early March, teacher pools are open for early application for the upcoming school year. Please apply to the pool(s) based upon your certification(s). These pools will allow applicants to apply prior to specific job posting and allow GCSD to begin verifying applicant information. Please note: many specific jobs have been posted and will continue to be posted before early March. Please apply directly to the specific posting if interested and certified for the posted vacancy.

In early March, the teacher pools will close and schools will continue to post their open teaching positions for the upcoming school year. At this point, all applicants, including those that previously applied to the teacher pools, will need to check the Job Listings tab in the application system and begin applying for any specific positions of interest. The pool application will not carry over to the specific job posting. Apply for a teaching position.

Donaldson Career Center
Building Construction Instructor (18/19 school year.  Apply to Job #4864)
Enoree Career Center
Automotive Technology Instructor (apply to Job #5711)
Fine Arts Center
.2 Dance Instructor (apply to Job #5682).  Contact email address: