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Evaluation and Professional Development

Julie Woodhouse
Mentoring and Evaluation Specialist

Teacher Evaluation - ADEPT/PAS-T

Greenville County Schools uses the Performance Assessment For Teachers (PAS-T) as the model for our teacher evaluation. The PAS-T model is a South Carolina State Department approved model of teacher evaluation and is a modified form of ADEPT. This model provides assurance that schools are staffed with competent professionals who possess the knowledge and skills necessary to meet the needs of all students.

ADEPT ~ Teachers Helping Teachers

ADEPT stands for Assisting, Developing, and Evaluating Professional Teachers and is the state regulation for supporting and evaluating teachers at all contract levels. Information about the state regulation and the ADEPT Guidelines can be found at

In the ADEPT/PAS-T system, there are different levels of support and evaluation. These levels are based on the contract the teacher holds.

INDUCTION: First year teachers are given Induction Contracts. Greenville County uses a First Year Success program to assist first year teachers in their Induction Year. Vital to this First Year Success program is a Mentoring Program. In their first year, teachers are assigned a trained mentor in their building to assist them as needed. They are also given written feedback periodically throughout the school year by their administrator and their mentor. In addition, First Year Success Seminars are held 5 times during the school year. The purpose of these seminars is to provide Induction teachers with a knowledge base of the PAS-T Performance Standards and to prepare them for formal evaluation. Induction Teachers are required to maintain a portfolio that is reviewed by their administration at the end of the school year.

ANNUAL: Teachers can also be issued an Annual Summative (AS) or Annual Formative (AF) Contracts. Teachers holding an Annual Formative contract are in many cases those teachers who have never taught in South Carolina before. Some teachers are given an AF contract because they may need an additional year of support prior to a formal evaluation year. Teachers with AF contracts are supported with a trained mentor and are coached informally on the PAS-T system. In some cases, AF contract teachers are also given an ADEPT Teacher Leader to help in assisting and developing them.

Teachers in their second year of teaching or those teachers who held an AF contract the previous year, are issued an AS contract and are formally evaluated using the PAS-T model for Teacher Evaluation. In this formal evaluation process, a three person team works together to evaluate the teacher. This three person team is made up of a building level administrator, an ADEPT Teacher Leader, and a peer teacher from another school. Each one of the team members observes the teacher and reviews artifacts two times during the school year. Following each of the observations, the teacher receives feedback in our electronic data warehouse called PMO. Following three observations in the fall, the team meets together for a consensus meeting where the teacher’s performance is discussed. The team comes to a consensus about the teacher’s performance and assigns a rating to the performance. This process is repeated in the spring semester as well. Written feedback is given to the teacher prior to winter break and prior to the contract distribution date.

CONTINUING: Continuing Contract teachers are placed by their administrator in a cycle of evaluation. Continuing Contract teachers in cycles one through four are informally evaluated using the PAS-T model. Teachers in cycle five receive a summative evaluation of their performance at the end of their cycle five year. Additional information about the cycles of evaluation can be found in the PAS-T Handbook.

Overview of the Performance Assessment System for Teachers (PAS-T)

The PAS-T System has 8 Performance Standards

Each Performance Standard contains Performance Indicators that identify the key points in each of the standards.

  1. Knowledge of Curriculum, Subject Content, and Developmental Needs
  2. Instructional Planning
  3. Instructional Delivery
  4. Assessment
  5. Learning Environment
  6. Communication
  7. Professionalism
  8. Student Achievement

Each Performance Standard is rated on a four point scale.

  1. Exemplary: High quality performance that exceeds the requirements contained in the job description as expressed in the evaluation criteria.
  2. Proficient: High quality performance that meets the requirements contained in the job description as expressed in the evaluation criteria
  3. Needs Improvement: Minimal performance which requires assistance in order to produce high quality results
  4. Unsatisfactory: Performance has not met the requirements contained in the job description as expressed in the evaluation criteria

Information on a teacher’s performance is collected using multiple data sources.

Teachers will maintain information on their performance in a Portfolio. Teachers will also distribute Student Surveys. Observations, either formal or informal will be conducted by the members of the evaluation team. Teachers will use the process of Academic Goal Setting to show how the work of the teacher results in student progress.