Teacher Website Help Page

New teacher websites are now available through Greenville County Schools Google Apps for Education. All teachers and employees in the district have an account. Apps may be accessed via this link, or you may go to google.com and login using your district username with "@greenvilleschools.us". The district uses single sign-on so your district password will enable you to login. If you have problems, contact the Technical Help Desk at (355-4357 or 355-help@greenville.k12.sc.us).

General Website Best Practices

Empathize with your visitor.

  • Anticipate the content that your visitor may be seeking and provide it for them.
  • Understand that your visitors will be using different browsers and different devices and try to test your website for this.
  • Create a navigation which is clear and logical.
  • Resize your pictures before posting to your website. Posting very large pictures on your website can be made to look smaller, but are in fact very large in file size. Very large pictures on a web page will slow down the load-time of your page. This may not be noticeable on a fast network, but will be very noticeable on a mobile network.

Your front page is your welcome mat. It is very often the first impression someone will ever have of you.

  • Your front page is your most valuable real-estate.
  • Do not post a lot of "static content" on your front page. This would be things like your schedule, mission statement, picture of your school, etc.
  • Post content that will regularly change so that visitors do not get a feeling that your site is "stale". Pictures, calendar and a mini-blog are examples of content which is not static.

Website Do's and Don'ts

If you have a question or comment on this, please Email our Webmaster.