HQ Requirements for Parapros

Under the No Child Left Behind Act of January 2002, all Paraprofessionals, who work in an instructional support capacity, supported by Title 1, Part A funds, must have completed at least one of the following:

  • 2 years of completed study (60 hours) at an accredited institution of higher education, OR
  • An Associate’s (or higher) degree, OR
  • Successful completion of EITHER the WIN Learning Assessments, Workkeys Assessments OR the Educational Testing Service (ETS) Parapro Assessment.

Greenville County School District requires all Paraprofessionals to meet this Highly Qualified requirement, regardless of which school they may work for from year to year.  Life Long Learning administers the WIN Learning Assessments and the Workkeys Assessments; the ETS Parapro Assessment is not currently administered in our district. Information for upcoming test dates, classes, etc. can be found in the brochure below or by contacting LifeLong Learning directly. Individuals who take the WIN Learning Assessments or the Workkeys Assessments will have to successfully complete 3 components: Applied Mathematics, Reading for Information, and Business Writing. Successful completion of the WIN and Workkeys Assessments includes scoring at least a 4 on Applied Mathematics and Reading for Information and at least a 3 on Business Writing and the Instructional Support Inventory. The state of South Carolina does not currently have reciprocity with any other states for other Parapro Assessments.