Certified Substitutes

Certificate renewals for educators not employed in a South Carolina school district or entity are normally handled directly through the State Department of Education.  Please refer to State Department Certification Website.  If you have points through the GCSD Portal please contact the Professional Employment Data Clerk, Jen Knox, 355-3989, to submit your current earned renewal points to the SC SDE. A completed Professional Growth and Development Plan must be on file with Human Resources in order for your points to be submitted to the SC SDE.

Once your certificate has been renewed it is your responsibility to submit a copy of your renewed certificate to Human Resources, fax 355-9784, in order to maintain certified pay. Please write “substitute” and your employee number on your certificate for processing. Print your certificate.

Jen Knox, Professional Employment Data Clerk
864-355-3989 | Fax: 864-355-9784 | certificate@greenville.k12.sc.us