Initial Certification

INITIAL certificates cannot be renewed; therefore, points and/or courses are not used to move to a professional certificate. Points or credits earned under your Initial Certification period will not carry over to your Professional Certificate.

After a teacher with an Initial Certificate has met the requirements to advance to a Professional Certificate, including successful completion of the ADEPT/PAS-T Formal Evaluation process, the State Department of Education (SDE) will automatically issue their professional certificate in July of the year their Initial Certificate expires. If requirements to advance your certificate from Initial to Professional are met early, you may submit a SC SDE Request Change Action form to the SC SDE requesting this change.

The State Department of Education will not send an updated certificate to the educator.  To print your certificate go to the South Carolina Department of Education, click I am Looking for, I am a Teacher,  View Certification Status, log in and then click the word Academic next to the icon of a printer.

More information related to advancing an Initial Certificate to Professional.

GCSD employee contact for further assistance:

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