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  • Sullivan Center HSAP
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Alternative Programs


The Alternative Programs of The School District of Greenville County will provide short term educational settings which offer instructional programs to address the behavioral, academic, and social needs of at-risk students.

Our Purpose

Greenville County Schools provides an alternative setting for students with discipline infractions that may not merit expulsion.  Alternative programs offer these students the chance to stay on track academically in a highly structured environment where establishing and maintaining discipline is a priority.

Alternative Program Website

Alternative Program Centers

High School Center:

  • High School Alternative Program is centrally located in the Sullivan Center, 206 Wilkins St. in Greenville

Middle School Centers:

  • Donaldson Career Center: 100 Vocational Dr., Greenville
  • Harley Bonds Center: 505 N. Main St. Greer
  • West Greenville Center is located in the West Greenville School, 15 Endel St. Greenville

The GCS Alternative School Program serves middle and high school students.  Teachers work one-on-one with students addressing academic and disciplinary deficiencies.  Students also receive instruction in life skills such as anger management, social interactions, drug avoidance and self discipline.  Special education services are available to students with learning disabilities.

The High School Alternative Program offers courses via APEX computer based instruction. Academic support will be provided by instructional facilitators and certified content teachers. Each student works on an educational plan tailored to meet his/her academic needs. Small class sizes help to create an intimate climate and provide increased opportunities for attention to social and behavioral needs. The staff at the High School Alternative Program is trained to function as a team and to be consistent in their expectations of students who attend the program. The High School Alternative Program promotes acceptance of responsibility for one’s own actions and development of self-discipline. The on-site counseling staff will offer opportunities for individual and group counseling and opportunities to improve the skills necessary for success in life. Students are returned to the traditional academic setting once they have successfully completed their prescribed program.

Students attending the middle school alternative program are either placed by the hearing officer or recommended by the school or parent (with support of school).  They maintain a full academic schedule taught by certified middle school teachers.

All students must attend a pre-enrollment conference with their parents before attending an alternative program.  Students may return to their home school when their academic and behavior goals are met.