Friday - District Staff

Rick Floyd, Information Security
Rick Floyd works in Information Security for Greenville County Schools. Floyd and his co-workers are responsible for the integrity of the district’s network, investigating the misuse of electronics and doing presentation on internet safety. Floyd says his previous career in law enforcement helps him educate students and parents about the dangers of online communication with strangers. Floyd hosts seminars on apps like TikTok and Snapchat. He says, “I hear comments after presentations like I’m deleting this app or I’m not doing that again, that in itself is inspiring because it lets me know kids are listening. I’m there to help our students, I want them to feel that caring.”

Levetta Williams, Human Resources
Levetta Williams is the manager for all of the Human Resources operations staff, including bus drivers, transportation, and operations and maintenance staff. She is dedicated to the district’s mission of Building Better Graduates by providing special needs students with opportunities to build workplace skills before they leave GCS. #gcsinspire

Tiffany Whitney, Social Worker
As the Pregnant and Parenting Specialist for GCS, Tiffany Whitney makes sure that students and families are connected with community resources that will help them thrive. She and her team believe all roads lead to graduation. Through home visits and one-on-one interactions, Tiffany coaches students to become advocates for themselves and to lead healthy lives. #gcsinspire