Energy Management Department - Policies and Recommendations

Top Ten Tips

Top Ten Tips


Hallways and Corridors

  • Turn on hallway and corridor lights no more than 5 minutes before students arrive
  • Turn OFF hallway and corridor lights as soon as the last student leaves

Classrooms, Offices, and Other

  • If you are leaving a room for more than 5 minutes, turn off the lights.
  • Use cafeteria lights ONLY during lunch
  • Remove bulbs from accent lights whose purpose is for looks only.
  • Remove bulbs in areas that seem to be over-lit.

Other Recommendations

  • Utilize natural (sun) light whenever possible
  • If possible, turn off hallway and corridor lights during class
  • Use lamps with compact fluorescent light bulbs instead of ceiling fixtures
  • Strategically plan after-school daycare in elementary schools so that only the lights in areas used are on


Exterior Doors and Windows

  • DO NOT Prop open exterior doors and windows for any reason

Schedule Changes

  • All schedule changes should be submitted to Bobby Kelly via COMFORTZONE at least 24 hrs in advance

Other Recommendations

  • Be sure ALL heat producing appliances are kept away from the thermostat (computer, monitor, etc)
  • Be sure there is nothing in front of/adjacent to your thermostat, preventing the air from circulating past it.
  • Be sure there is not a vent blowing directly onto your thermostat.
  • Have coaches use dryers for wet uniforms instead of hanging in lockers (will prevent condensation, mold and bad odors).

Appliances and Equipment

Personal Appliances

  • All personal appliances should be removed from classrooms and offices (refrigerators, personal heaters, coffee makers
  • ***Exception: Refrigerators may be used when needed for curriculum or medical purposes.


  • Laminators should not be left on while not in use or while unattended. 
  • Laminators should be turned off when they are finished being used and at the end of the day.

Technology Equipment

  • Turn off technology equipment in classrooms, offices, computer labs and workrooms anytime they are not in use.
  • ***Exception: 2009 Lexmark Update copiers and printers should remain plugged in and turned on

Weekends and Long Breaks

  • Unplug all plug loads that are plugged into “easily accessible” outlets.

Lamps and Fans

  • Lamps and fans may be used
  • Use only LED bulbs; DO NOT use incandescent bulbs
  • The use of Christmas lights is not permitted.


Gym Lights

  • Use gym lights as little as possible

Stadium Lights

  • Turn on stadium lights no more than 1 hour before the start of an event
  • Turn OFF stadium lights within 1 hour of the event’s conclusion (or as soon as it is safe to do so)
  • Stadium lights should only be used for scheduled events when spectators are in the stands (athletic events, pep rallies, fundraisers, etc.).
  • Stadium lights should not be used for grass cutting, field lining, and/or other field maintenance. Any field maintenance should be done during the day when the stadium lights are not needed. Exceptions may be made with district approval.

Field Houses and Concession Stands

  • Be sure all athletic field houses and concession stands are properly closed (night, weekends, long breaks, off-seasons)
  • Be sure all athletic field houses and concession stands are properly winterized during cold month