Greenville County Schools Strategic Education Plan

Our school systems slogan, Where Enlightening Strikes, communicates our commitment to creating an environment in our schools and throughout our community where students will be inspired to learn, to understand, and to grow into skillful and thoughtful young citizens equipped to play vital roles in the ongoing development and enrichment of Greenville County. As we have said in the past and as we need to reaffirm with every new strategic plan, we want the best for every student. Student achievement is paramount, and we pledge a renewed commitment to aligning our resources with goals and strategies that are focused first and foremost on our central purpose: to enable every child to achieve at his or her highest level as measured against world class standards of academic performance.

The Strategic Plan for 2013-2018 has been developed from a process that began in 1999 when a broad-based steering committee of individuals representing diverse perspectives across the school system and community designed a strategic plan that came to be known as the Education Plan: Priorities for Performance. Using the Education Plan as a foundation, our new plan is the result of intensive planning and input from community leaders, parents, principals, teachers, and other employees.