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   Summit Drive Elementary • 424 Summit Dr. • Greenville, SC 29609 • (864) 355-8800 Wednesday, September 06, 2006

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Greenville County Schools

Extended Day Program

Summit Drive Elementary School


Parent and Student Handbook


"Where every student is a star!"


1. Mission Statement

Our mission in the Summit Drive Elementary School Extended Day Program (EDP) is to provide a quality, safe, and inviting environment consistent with the structure found at Summit Drive Elementary. Our quality after-school experience is one in which each child’s day is enriched through a variety of activities which emphasize the mental and physical well-being of every child. We achieve this goal by providing homework assistance, computer lab time, recess, arts and crafts and a healthy snack each day. We strive to emphasize activity that promotes self-discipline, self-respect, and a positive outlook on school life. Our staff is made up of experienced adults all of whom have prior experience working with children in a structured educational environment. The safety and well-being of each of our students is our top priority.

2. Updating Personal Information

Please keep current your address, phone numbers, email addresses, and the names on your "pick-up" list. Please notify the EDP office immediately in the event that any change occurs.

3. Hours of Operation and Daily Schedule

The EDP at Summit Drive Elementary operates daily from 2:30pm to 6:00pm. The program will operate only when school is in session and students are attending regular class. Your child will enjoy a healthy snack each day as well as activities designed to assist them with their academic growth and physical well-being. If at all possible, please do not pick up your child prior to 3:00pm so as not to interfere with the regular school dismissal procedures.

4. Holidays, Teacher Workdays, Inclement Weather and Early Dismissal Days

The EDP will not operate on days when the school is closed due to inclement weather. If there is a delayed entry such as a one or two-hour delay, the EDP will operate as usual. If the school is dismissed early due to inclement weather or has a scheduled early dismissal, the EDP will not operate. The program will be closed on all holidays, teacher workdays, half school days and summer break. There will be no Extended Day Program when the school is open only for half days at the end of the school year as set by the district school calendar. The district school calendar for 2012-2013 can be found on the Greenville County Schools website. www.greenville.k12.sc.us

5. Attendance and Absences

If your child does not plan to attend on a particular day, please leave a message for the Director by calling the Extended Day Program office at 355-8811.

6. Sickness and Medical Information

A medical form is required to be on file for each child enrolled in the Summit Drive EDP. It is the parent’s responsibility to make sure their child’s file is updated throughout the year as needed. There will not be a full-time nurse on staff during the Extended Day Program. The Director will contact the parent or guardian should a child become sick during the program time. A sick child will need to be picked up as soon as possible.

If your child requires special medication or medical services, please note this on your child’s registration form. If medication will need to be given to your child during the EDP hours, please obtain a form from the school nurse and provide the necessary medication to the EDP Director. All medications are kept locked in the nurse’s office. Any allergies also need to be noted on the EDP registration form. The "Parental Permission for Medication at School" form and the "Physician’s Authorization for Medication to be Given at School" form may be obtained from the school nurse.

7. School Insurance

Purchased school insurance covers the activities of the EDP program (If interested, please contact main office at 355-8800). If parents do not wish to take this coverage, a parent or guardian waiver must be signed indicating this choice on the registration form. Many people with adequate insurance policies do not require additional coverage. One of these options must be selected on the registration form in order for registration to be considered complete.

8. Registration

Registration for the Summit Drive Extended Day Program will be available to current Extended Day families and new families beginning August 20th and throughout the school year. All registration forms, the first week’s fee, and a yearly non-refundable registration fee of $40/family must be submitted before your child will be considered registered in the Extended Day Program. When submitting the registration forms, please include the EDP Program Guidelines Signature page with your signature. Any changes that need to be made to the registration forms once submitted must be turned in to the Director of the EDP.

9. Fees and Payment Schedule

The fees for the children attending the Summit Drive Elementary Extended Day Program are as follows:

$40 non-refundable Registration Fee per family

Weekly fees:

# of Children Per Full Week (3-5 days) Half Week (2 days) 1 designated Day a Week

1 $40 $25 $15

2 $65 $45 $25

3 $85 $65 $35

4 $100 $80 $50

Week = 3 or more days

Half Week = 2 days, regardless of number of hours in care

1 Designated Day per Week = Parent designates one particular day that remains the same weekly

Drop Ins are not allowed

In the Extended Day Program, parents pay for what they sign up for when registering for the program: full week, half week, or one day. There is no "pay as you use" service.

No monetary refunds will occur for any reason.

Fees are paid even if your child does not attend (for any reason). For example, if your child is sick or you have other engagements or vacation planned, payment is still due. If you have two or three children and one is absent, there is no adjustment to the regular fee. All schools operate on guidelines from Greenville County Schools. The cost of the Extended Day Program is very much below that of private daycares; therefore, fees are paid whether or not your child attends.

There is no drop-in service. The EDP does not accept children on a day-to-day basis.

All fees must be paid on time by Monday of the current week. A late fee will be added after 12:00 noon if the payment is not received. No child will be allowed to stay in the program if you are not current with payments.

Parents may choose to make the extended day payments for 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, or the entire year. If paying in advance, remember that refunds are not given.

Payments should be delivered to the front office each Monday. Payments should be made by check or money order. No cash payments are accepted. Receipts are given upon request.

It is imperative that your account be kept current. Failure to abide by this schedule will result in your child’s dismissal from the program. Parents may not be indebted to the program. If a financial burden arises, please contact the Director.

Your registration will not be accepted for the next school year if you owe any fees for this year and/or have consistently been behind in your payments. The EDP will not take your $40 registration fee and will not register your child for the next school year if you have not been approved.

For families in co-custody circumstances, the school will not be responsible for contacting either parent about who will pay for the service. If the fees are not paid, the child does not attend and will be withdrawn from the program.

There are no scholarships for Extended Day Program.

Extended Day Programs do not take vouchers as payment.

Extended Day Programs do not issue invoices.

10. Special Admissions

On occasion, 4 year olds and/or students with special needs are enrolled in the EDP. The director will discuss the structure of the program so that you are aware of our policies and procedures. At that time your child may enter the program on a trial basis. We are not required to follow a student’s IEP, but will work with you to attempt to allow for a successful experience. All children follow the same guidelines for disciplinary corrections as everyone else. If we find that your child is not adapting to our program, we have conferred with you about the issues and he/she has had three documented offenses they will be dismissed from the program.

11. Check Policy

Please make checks payable to Summit Drive Elementary EDP and include the name(s) of each child for whom you are paying in the Memo part of the check. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. After a returned checks, payment will only be accepted in the form of money order or certified check.

12. Tax Information

An electronic report will be issued to the parent at the end of the fiscal year for tax purposes.

13. Late Fee

A late fee of $5 will be added to the past due amount for that week. If payment is more than a 2 weeks behind, notification will be sent that your child will not be allowed to attend the program until all past due monies and late fees are paid in full, as well as the fee for the following week.

14. Withdrawal from the Program (prior to the end of the school year)

If you wish to withdraw your child/children from the EDP, immediate notification to the Director is required. If it is the beginning of the week, you are still responsible for payment. Your child may complete the week you have paid for and will be officially taken off the roll for the remainder of the year.

15. Pick-Up Location and Procedures/Hours of Operation

The extended day program is primarily located in the cafeteria. You will be able to park and enter through the doors on the bus side of the school. (This is the parking lot directly across from the Methodist church) Students are organized in groups by age and during extended day will move from the cafeteria to the computer lab, media center, gymnasium, homework room and outside for recess. A note will be posted on the exterior doors to alert you if we have performances or meetings in the cafeteria and the pick up location has been changed. When you pick your child up, you must sign your child out in the designated notebook before taking your child. We only allow authorized persons to pick up your children. This is for the protection of your children. The person on your registration form listed as authorized person to pick up your child is the only person we will release your child too. The only exception is a written letter signed by the parent.

If for some reason you are late picking up your child/children. You will be charged $1.00 per minute, per child. (Example: if you are late 3 minutes and you have two children. The fee is 6 dollars, payable before your child/children re-enters the program). We refer to the clock in the cafeteria, not your clock or watch. This is the same clock that we use for our daily schedule.

If you are late picking up your child three times, extended day services will be suspended.

16. Signing Out

If a parent needs the child to be picked up earlier than 3:00pm, they are to make arrangements for the child to be a bus or car rider for that day. A note must be sent for any changes in transportation or pick up to the child’s teacher or call the main office. ** Please note that if you request your child to be a car rider and you fail to pick them up by 3:00pm, they will be sent to the Extended Day Program.

When picking up your child from the EDP, you must come in through the bus entrance. A member of the staff will be present to assist you in signing out your child on the sign out sheet. This Extended Day staff member is responsible for checking I.D., calling students for dismissal, and letting the Director know if there is an issue with dismissal procedures for a child. Your child will then be called to come and meet you. Due to security purposes this is the only authorized entrance door for extended day pick up. If staff members see unauthorized individuals on the playground, they have been instructed to report this to the Director. This serves to protect your children as well as the Extended Day staff and is consistent with Summit Drive’s current school policy.

On the appropriate area of the registration form, be sure to list all people authorized to pick up your child from the EDP along with their contact number(s). If at any time names should be added or deleted, please inform the Director immediately and update your form. Parent, guardians, and all persons authorized to pick up a child should expect to be asked to show a photo I.D. If someone other than a person authorized to pick up the child is to pick up the child, a written note must be sent to the school with the parent’s signature in the morning. This note must state the name of the person that is to pick up the child and phone number where the parent or guardian can be reached for confirmation. The authorized person on the note will be required to sign out your child and present a photo I.D. In emergency last minute situations, if someone comes to pick up a child and that person’s name is not on the pick up list, they will not be allowed to leave the school with the child until a parent has been contacted and has given verbal permission to release the child to that adult. No minors under the age of 17 (siblings included) will be allowed to pick up a student from the Extended Day Program. Please do not send an older sibling with a note saying it is okay for them to pick up a student. All students must be signed out by an authorized adult.

17. Children with Special Needs

The Summit Drive EDP will not discriminate against any child. However, in order to maintain a safe environment, students with special needs or care requirements are expected to follow daily procedures and rules of the Extended Day Program. The staff will do their best to accommodate each child who attends the program.

18. Discipline, Rules and Referrals

All children are expected to follow the normal school rules for Summit Drive Elementary School. Discipline issues are managed in similar ways using similar methods. Every effort will be made to notify parents verbally and in writing of problems that arise. The EDP staff expects students to respect their EDP teachers as they would their regular classroom teachers. In addition to school rules, other rules and regulations of the Extended Day Program may be implemented by the Director and/or Principal. Written disciplinary referrals and phone calls will be used to notify parents for offenses that disrupt the environment of the Extended Day Program. These forms must be signed by the Director and Parent before the child may participate in the EDP. If the Director finds that your child is not adapting successfully to the program, has conferred with you about the issues, and has three documented offenses, the child will be dismissed from the Extended Day Program. Severe referrals for offenses such as fighting, hitting, biting, threatening behavior, sexual harassment, using profanity, or continual discipline issues will result in immediate dismissal from the program. Parents may schedule a conference with the Director or their child’s EDP teacher at any time. Please contact the Director to set up a time for a meeting.

19. Homework

In keeping with the EDP mission of promoting academic growth, a daily homework time will be designated. Extended Day teachers will be on hand to supervise and assist students during this time. Students are expected to be quiet and respectful of others during homework period. Students will not be permitted to go back to their regular classroom once they have entered the Extended Day classroom. They must make sure they have all the necessary items needed to complete their homework before they arrive in the EDP class. They will remain in the academic area until dismissed by an EDP teacher. The students will have silent reading time upon completion of their assigned work. The EDP is not designed for tutoring but designated regular teachers may be assisting students during homework time. If your child needs specialized help, please contact your child’s regular teacher. Please let the Director know if you would prefer that your child not work on homework during the designated time and an alternate activity will be prepared. Parents should monitor their child’s progress and make sure that homework is complete; it is not the responsibility of the EDP to make sure each child has completed his/her homework. The responsibility lies with the parent. Please continue to communicate regularly with your child’s classroom teacher.

20. Snacks

A healthy snack and drink will be served to EDP students each day. The EDP offers a variety of healthy items from which students may choose. NO items containing peanuts or peanut butter will be offered. If your child has food allergies, please list them on the registration form.

21. Activities

A time for recreation and physical activity is built into the daily schedule in order to promote a healthy life style for students. There also may be a time set aside for computer lab work in order for students to work on educational programs. The computer lab will be constantly monitored by the EDP staff and the children will be allowed to use only school approved and regulated web sites. The Appropriate Use Guidelines which dictate computer use during the school day are also in effect during the Extended Day Program. These can be found on the Greenville County Schools website. Additionally the program will incorporate time for arts, crafts and other educational endeavors. Special events may be offered throughout the school year. These may include, but are not limited to, holiday activities, movie days, pizza parties, ice cream parties and contests.

22. Volunteers

During special events there may be opportunities to volunteer during the Extended Day Program; we would be more than happy to have you. Please contact the Director for more information.

23. Contact Information – The Summit Drive EDP is committed to being available to our parents. If a parent calls the EDP phone, usually the Director will answer, however, if you leave a message, Mrs. Davenport will get back to you as soon as possible. If you have any questions, or comments, please feel free to contact the Director or the Principal at any time. Our hope is that your child happily grows and learns in our program!

Director – Mrs. Doris Davenport

Phone – 355-8811


Summit Drive Elementary Extended Day Program


Parent Signature Page

A non-refundable registration fee ($40) is required to enroll each family in the program.

Weekly fees are due on the Monday of the current week by 12 noon. A Late Fee of $5 will be added if fees are not paid on time. Failure to pay will result in the child being withdrawn from the program.

The Extended Day Program is not a drop-in program. All fees are due in advance regardless of whether or not your child attends. There are no reductions for sick leave, vacation, or other absences.

If you wish to withdraw your child/children from the EDP, immediate notification to the Director is required. If it is the beginning of the week, you are still responsible for payment. Your child may complete the week you have paid for and will be officially taken off the roll for the remainder of the year.

A full week is considered 3 or more days.

If a check is returned for insufficient funds payment will only be accepted in a money order or certified check the remainder of the year.

Program hours are from 2:30 – 6:00 pm.

A late fee of $1.00 a minute will be charged per child beginning at 6:01 pm. If you are late 3x or more, your child will be dismissed from the program

Authorized adults must come into the school to sign children out. Only designated adults may transport children. Parents must send a signed authorization with a daytime telephone number if they wish adults other than those designated to pick up their children.

Inappropriate student behavior will not be tolerated in the Extended Day Program. Serious behaviors will be recorded on an EDP disciplinary referral form and referred to the school principal if the director, student, and parent cannot successfully correct the problem. After receiving three disciplinary referrals, your child will be immediately dismissed from the EDP program.

My signature below indicates that I understand and agree to abide by the guidelines set for the Extended Day Program at Summit Drive Elementary School.

__________________________________________________ _______________

Parent Signature Date

Parents should sign/date and return to the EDP Director. The school encourages parents to keep a copy.




A one-time a year, non-refundable registration fee of $40 per family is required. If the child transfers to another school where a program exists, the $40 fee must be paid again. Weekly fees apply for the program and are as follows:


1 day 2 days 3 or more days

1 child $15.00 $25.00 $40.00

2 children $25.00 $45.00 $65.00

3 children $35.00 $65.00 $85.00

4 children $50.00 $80.00 $100.00

Payments are due on Monday’s by noon of the current week. We do not accept cash; payments should be only checks or money orders. If a payment is late, you will incur a late payment fee of $5.00. Failure to pay will result in the child being withdrawn from the program. If there is a problem with checks being returned, the director will require that payments be made with a money order. The cost of our program is very much below that of private daycares; therefore, fees are paid whether or not your child attends.

School Insurance

Purchased school insurance covers the activities of this program: United Healthcare Student Resources, www.k12studentinsurance.com. If parents do not wish to take this coverage, a parent or guardian waiver must be signed indicating this choice.

My insurance company ______________________________covers my child beyond the school day.

Parent Signature__________________________________Date______________________


_____I do not wish to purchase student school insurance for my child.

Parent Signature__________________________________Date_______________________

**If the economy dictates that you no longer need the services of our program, you may withdraw your child to avoid paying for weeks you do not need and re-enroll your child when your circumstances change.


(Entire application must be completed with check or money order for registration)

***No cash is accepted

Student's Full Name_________________________ Grade for 2012-2013________


Street Apt. #


City State Zip Code

Parent e-mail address:_______________________________________________

Home Phone#______________ Race_____ Sex______ Birthdate__________

Father's Name________________________________________________________


Phone #_______________________________________________________________

Mother's Name_______________________________________________________

Employer ____________________________________________________________

Phone #______________________________________________________________

The LEGAL GUARDIAN(S) of this child ____________________________




Address: Street Apt. #


City State Zip Code

__________ I will be enrolling my child on a weekly basis.

__________ I will be enrolling my child for the following day:


(.5 week = 2 days in After School Program, regardless of hours in care.)

Medical Information

*If your child received daily medication in the afternoon and needs administration of medicine, please consult with the Director to obtain the necessary paperwork.

Is your child allergic to bee stings?_____________________________

If yes, what instructions should be followed if your child is stung?__________________________________________________________

Any present medical conditions or allergies which should be known:__________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________

Your child's doctor______________________________________________

Phone #_________________________________________________________

My child,____________________________, is medically insured with

____________________________. The policy number is______________


IN CASE OF ILLNESS OR ANY EMERGENCY (EARLY DISMISSAL DUE TO WEATHER, ETC.) Please list the name and telephone numbers of two people and their relationship (Grandpa, friend, etc.) that we may contact in case one of the parents cannot be reached.

1.______________________________Phone #________________________

2.______________________________Phone #________________________


In the case of an emergency such as an accident or serious illness, I understand that the school shall attempt to contact me. If I cannot be reached, I authorize the school to contact the doctor listed on this form and follow the doctor's directions. If the doctor cannot be reached, I authorize the school to take whatever steps seem necessary.

________________________ ____________________________________

Date Parent/Guardian

The School District of Greenville County does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, sex color, handicap, religion or national origin in its dealings with employees, students, the general public, applicants for employment, educational programs, activities or access to its facilities.




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