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The 2008-2009 Annual Art Note Card Assortment

Landscape in the style of Wolf Kahn by Rowan Brown, 2nd Grade

Record Album Covers by Stone Students, 2nd-5th Grade

Painting by Mrs. Knight's
1st Grade Class

Marbled Papers by Chloe Giordano, 4th Grade

Original Linocut with Marbled Paper Border by Charlie Wolfe, 4th Grade

Falls Park Linocut Group Project
by Design Excursion Encore Students, 3rd-5th  Grade

Specimen Drawings by Caroline Wilson, Yasmine Robinson, Isaac Burttram, Alex Kanipe, Grayling Wilkes, and Caitlin Littlejohn, 5th Grade

Pastel in the style of Kandinsky by Sterling Epps, 3rd Grade


The 2008-2009 Annual Gift Tag Assortment
Linocut with Marbled Border by Brianna Farr, 3rd Grade
Linocut with Marbled Border by Meredith Rhine, 4th Grade
Linocut by Charlie McMahon with Marbled Border by Harry McMahon
3rd Grade
Linocut with Marbled Border by Marley White, 5th Grade
Marbled Papers by Molly McCrary
4th Grade
Linocut with Marbled Border by Reynolds Metcalf, 2nd Grade
Marbled Papers by Ellie MacPhee
4th grade
Linocut with Marbled Border by Ellie MacPhee, 4th Grade
Art in the style of Wolfe Kahn by Eamon Dias, 2nd grade
Batik by Chloe Giordano
4th grade
Marbled Papers by Elizabeth Watkins, 5th grade

Art in the style of Wolfe Kahn by Dalia Clarke, 2nd
Art in the style of Kandinsky by Sydney Wedin, 3rd Grade
Rock 'n Roll Album art by Lindsey Duncan, Adam Brower-Lingsch, Anna Pitney, and Catherine Dowdy, Various Grades
Rock 'n Roll Album art by Caroline Z., Caroline Harrison, Anna McGowan, and Lauren Blackie, Various Grades

Art in the style of Kandinsky by Caroline Harrison, 3rd Grade
Cats by Connor Bell, Prema VanDeren, Abby Donohue, & Katherine Wiedemann

Rock 'n Roll Album art by Stevie Keese, 5th Grade
Tesselation by Naomi Mobley
5th grade
Art in the style of Kandinsky by Caitlin Champlin, 3rd Grade

The 2008-2009 Annual Poetry Card Assortment
Poems are printed inside marbleized borders, with each card having a different colored border.
The marbleing was done by third grade students as a Science Fun Day activity.

by Anna Redderson, 4th Grade

Winter drifts slowly
to the ground.
Snowflakes are like marshmellows
Falling from the sky.
The trees are being covered
With sheets of white blankets
And so is the mint peppermint ground.

There is no one out.
They’re all in.
Sipping hot cocoa
And holding mugs in their cold,
Cold hands.


by Amy Poe, 4th Grade
by the music of the wind,
Unlocking unseen things.

Keys have mysteries
inside their
silver, copper coats.

Keys dangling on a keyring
Waiting, waiting
for someone.

Candy Land

by Alaina Riordan, 3rd Grade

Where the grass is greener, that’s where I will go.
Where there is sugar instead of wet snow.

Where the tall lollipops sway in the breeze.
Where no one tells you to cover your mouth
when you sneeze.

Where the flowers smell of cookies and cakes.
Where there are ponies, unicorns, and no snakes.

Where your dreams will always come true.
It lets out the bold and inner you.

It’s like an old key opening the attic door.
All you want is more, more, and more.

But when you get too greedy, Candy Land floats away.
And if you act very’ll come back someday.

Where the grass is greener, that’s were I will go.
Where there is sugar instead of wet snow

What If?

by Ayana Dendy, 1st Grade

What if we never had a seed
for the flowers that we need?
What if we never had the rain a
nd the plants would stay the same?
What if we didn’t have morning dew
on the grass fresh and new?
What if the teachers that we know
didn’t help our minds so they would grow?
What if man didn’t walk on the moon?
What if we never had
the month of June?
We should stop.
Smell the flowers, enjoy the rain.
Plant the seed.
Walk on the morning dew.
Thank the teachers for our brains.
Be thankful man walked on the moon
and thank God for the month of June.
The Dream

By Caroline, 4th Grade

Bright pink,

The sun shining on the dull lake as it sets.
I watch it.
The sun.

Its beauty pours all of its colors
into my eyes.

The fish, they jump out of the lake.
Each has a smile on its face.

Although it was only a dream.
A dream of a wonderful dream.


by Kelkcee Fulton, 4th grade

Goes the pages
in the book
I’m reading.

Laying, laughing,
Enjoying the book.

Goes the pages,

I’m done.

Bloom, Little Fower

by Hali Knight, 1st Grade

Bloom, little flower, bloom
Like the moon grows at bedtime.
Bloom, little flower, bloom.


Shore Walk

by Rebekah Matthews, 3rd grade

As I walk upon the shore
with the breeze blowing on my face,
The waves toss and turn in the sea bed.
As the seagulls look to be
like little fishermen on the shore.


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