Friday, December 19, 2014
100 Vocational Dr. ♦ Greenville, S.C. 29605 ♦ 864-355-4669



Welcome to the Donaldson Star Academy program. Our faculty, staff, and business community have created an opportunity for all our students to be successful in an enhanced and challenging learning environment. Our hope is that each student will take the experiences gained within the rigors of an accelerated curriculum to better prepare them for the challenges that lie ahead in high school. Our students will be making the connection of knowledge and information in becoming a more mature individual. Our staff will foster different ways of thinking and working, as well as introducing the skills necessary for living as productive citizens through an exploration of 21st Century Skills. Our school theme is “Opportunity…A Quest for Success!” The successes will be a collaborative effort of our students, parents and staff’s Desire, Dedication, and Discipline.

Greenville County School students and their parents made the choice to apply and accept enrollment in the Star Academy program for differing reasons. Our ultimate initiative is to provide instructional leadership that will be differentiated to meet the needs of ALL students to be successful. An essential component of our student’s success is our Student Handbook. This handbook is published to make students and parents aware of the expectations, procedures, and daily operations of the school. We ask that both students and parents review the contents of this handbook to help make informed decisions that will impact their academic success.

On behalf of the faculty and staff of Star Academy and the Career Center, I want to thank you for allowing us the opportunity in shaping your child’s future and trust that this year will be most productive. Thus, we look forward to an exciting year and encourage you to visit our school at any time and often.

Congratulations again on being selected to the Star Academy for Academic Acceleration Program!