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Star AcademyAbout the Program

Star Academy delivers two years of curriculum in one year. In addition, it promotes individual student responsibility for learning and behavior. This is accomplished through:

Each classroom is designed as PITSCO computer lab, with laptop and desktop computers loaded with the Paceware and Synergistic software used by the teachers and students for instruction.

In addition to accelerated learning, students are introduced to various careers through assemblies, college visits, and field trips to area business and government organizations. Upon completion of the Star Academy Program, students are encouraged to enroll in career center courses that focus on students interests. Star Academy students are encouraged to be involved in the community by volunteering and making donations to organizations that help people in need which promotes community service.

The Donaldson Star Academy Program, started in 2008, is a year-long academic acceleration program for rising 8th graders who have failed and or been held back one or two grades. The Star Academy program gives students the opportunity to earn up to eight units that are required to graduate high school, thus moving from the eighth grade to the tenth grade in one year.

This Star Academy location is located on the campus of the Donaldson Career Center and serves a maximum of 40 students from middle schools from across the southern portion of Greenville County.  However, parents who choose to provide transportation from outside the service area of our transportation department can attend this location. Our staff consists of 4 highly qualified teachers who are committed to providing a quality education. Our program prides itself in the commitments made by both the students and their parents. Our short history and mission reflect the emphasis made in providing an enhanced learning experience for all students to be successful!

Program Benefits

The benefits of the Star Academy Program are: