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Oakview News

2008-2009 News Index


GREENVILLE COUNTY SCHOOLS SENIORS EARN RECORD $99.8 MILLION IN SCHOLARSHIPS!   Greenville County Schools’ Class of 2009 earned nearly $100 million in college scholarships this year, surpassing last year’s total ($84.9 million) by nearly $15 million. CLICK HERE TO READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE.

BUS TRANSPORTATION SURVEY FOR PARENTS: Parents with children riding a school bus are asked to respond to the Bus Transportation Survey posted on the Greenville County Schools website at: http://www.zoomerang.com/Survey/survey-intro.zgi?p=WEB228UL5N78BB .  Parental input is important in both evaluating and improving services.

Greenville Drive Reading All-Stars!GREENVILLE DRIVE READING ALL-STARS!
Our students did a fantastic job of reading for the Greenville Drive Reading program. Participants received a T-shirt, walked in a parade on the field and received free admission to the game on April 13th. Way to go!




Congratulations to all our District Science Fair participants and winners!!  Greenville County Elementary School Classroom Winners from Oakview are:
3rd Grade    4th place - Donna Bradt's Class - "Solar S'mores"
4th Grade    2nd place - Miss Gerard's Class - "What Type of Liquid will Evaporate at a Faster Rate?"
5th Grade    2nd place - Mrs. Haarsgaard's Class - "Got Trash?"

Greenville County Elementary School Individual Winners from Oakview are:
3rd Grade 
1st Place - Benjamin Taylor - "What is my heart rate?"
3rd Place - Liam Dammers -  "Buoyancy"
4th Grade
1st Place - Amber Buehler -  "Radiant Radish Seeds"                  

Innovation AwardOAKVIEW WINS EARTH DAY AWARD: Oakview was the Innovation Award winner in South Carolina DHEC's Earth Day contest. Kathy Miller and Christina Emmons accepted the award for our Kick the Bag Habit project. Over 300 Oakview families participated in the project whose goal was to help the environment by using fabric rather than plastic grocery bags. Using fabric bags saves oil and energy. It reduces pollution, litter, and animal deaths due to litter. It also saves YOU money!  


Earth Savers AwardEARTH SAVERS ACCEPT AWARD: Members of the Earth Savers Club stand with their advisors, Christina Emmons and Kathy Miller, outside the SC State Museum.  They display the certificate they received at the Champions of the Environment Awards Ceremony on Thursday, April 30th.  They also received $500 to purchase insulated fabric bags for their Kick the Bag Habit project.



CRUSH Diabetes!It’s Time to CRUSH Diabetes! Our grand total brought in is $10, 265.07.  Great job to everyone for helping us raise money to CRUSH diabetes! Class winners are: kindergarten - Buford, first grade - Szymanska, second grade - Gilbert, third grade - Sebree, fourth grade - Jacobs, and fifth grade - Parks. Congratulations to all!


SCHOOL SCIENCE FAIR WINNERS ANNOUNCED: Congratulations to the outstanding scientists who participated in this year's Science Fair! The following students will go on to the next level of competition at the Greenville County District Fair on April 21st:
3rd Grade Winners: Liam Dammers, Lydia Acker, Pierce Becker, Benjamin Taylor, Paula Velissaris, Baker Ward
4th Grade Winners: Audrey Prochaska, Amber Buehler, Madison Taylor, Varsha Gopal
5th Grade Winners: Noah Dammers, Yanni Koutsioukis, Emma Smith, Nicholas Meier, Jared Chamberlain, Weston Belk  

3rd Grade Winners

4th Grade Winners

5th Grade Winners
The following class projects will also go on the District Fair:

Mrs. Bradt, Miss Emmons, Mrs. Bell, Miss Gerard, Mrs. Lattimore, Mrs. Laye, Mrs. Bolt, Mrs. Greenway, Mrs.  Haarsgard, Mrs. Miller, Mr. Parks, and Mrs. Satterfield.  Congratulations to all of our winners!

Kick the Bag Habit

KICK THE BAG HABIT- Deadline Extended

We want to help YOU kick the bag habit!  Using plastic grocery bags is bad for the environment.  Using fabric grocery bags saves oil and energy.  It also reduces pollution and litter.  Plus, fabric bags are sturdier and more convenient to use!  And, they save YOU money!

If your family doesn’t use fabric grocery bags, the Earth Savers Club will give you four FREE fabric bags.  All you have to do is estimate the number of plastic bags you bring home in a month.  Then count the number of plastic grocery bags you bring home each month. You can write this on a sheet of notebook paper.  Turn your paper in to your teacher or to Mrs. Miller in the science lab by Wednesday, April 15.  Be sure to include your teacher's name on your paper.
If your family already uses fabric grocery bags, we will give you a free insulated grocery bag if you write an essay by April 1st that tells why you choose to use fabric rather than plastic grocery bags. 

Bridge Building Champs!BRIDGE BUILDING SUCCESS! All 4th grade Challenge students in Greenville County  were involved in a popsicle bridge building competition this past Saturday at the Carolina First Center. John Blake LeBrun & Hasna Karim's bridge design not only held 100 pounds, but was chosen 1st place for Best Craftsmanship! 



SCHOOL DISTRICT RECEIVES NATIONAL ACCREDITATION: Greenville County Schools has been awarded National Accreditation from the AdvancED Accreditation Commission, recognizing the school system as a high quality school district and granting full accreditation to the school district and all of its schools.  MORE...

Champions of the Environment AwardCHAMPIONS OF THE ENVIRONMENT AWARD: Congratulations, Oakview! Our school has been selected as a Champion of the Environment for Kick the Bag Habit, part 2. As a Champion of the Environment, we join the ranks of South Carolina’s students and teachers who have been awarded for their outstanding environmental efforts. Thank you to all of our students, staff and parents for doing your part for South Carolina’s environment! The Champions’ Partnership commends you for pursuing actions that promote environmental stewardship in our state’s youth, and educate communities about the environment.

Geography Bee Winner

GEOGRAPHY BEE WINNERS: First place: Hasna K., second place: Libby S., third place: Hamza A.  Congratulations on winning Oakview’s Geography Bee!  You did an outstanding job and we are very proud of you! Hasna is now eligible to compete for the State Geography Bee.  To do this, she will take a written qualifying test.  The test will be multiple choice and will have some map reading.  Good luck, Hasna! We are very proud of you!

UPDATE: 2009 South Carolina Geographic Bee  --  Congratulations to Hasna Karim!!!   Hasna, a fourth grade student in Ms. Hand's class, has qualified to participate in the 2009 South Carolina Geographic Bee.  The Bee will be held at the South Carolina State Museum in Columbia on Friday, April 3, 2009.  Hasna was one of 100 finalists in grades 4-8 for the entire state.  Great Job!!  Good Luck Hasna!!!!

Summer Reading WinnerSummer Reading Winner

SUMMER READING WINNERS! Congratulations to Nicole A. in Mrs. White's class and Natalie H. in Mrs. Gray's class for reading so many books this summer. Together these young ladies read over 25,000 pages this summer! WOW! Each one received a cool basket of goodies from the media center for all of the time they put into reading this summer and keeping up with their reading log! Other students who read this summer and received a book fair gift certificate include Zoe S. in Mrs. Cheek's class, Joseph C. in Ms. Wood's class, and Antonio S. in Ms. Gerard's class. Maybe next summer it will be you!


Parent Portal

PARENT PORTAL:  Greenville County Schools’ Parent Portal, an online gateway for parents to information about their child’s education, has re-opened for the 2008-09 school year. The site, which had been temporarily closed to update student assignment information, has received over 27,000 visits since it launched last February.

Parent Portal allows parents to check class schedules, view report card grades, contact their child‘s teacher, and more! Click on a teacher’s name – not just in the directory but even in the schedule of classes or in the list of grades – and zap, an e-mail pops up for a message to the teacher.

Parents can view their child’s daily grades and standardized tests scores, including a graph that shows their child’s scores compared to their school’s average scores. Parent Portal also allows parents to verify important emergency information, including medical conditions, emergency contacts, and notes about their child’s special needs.

All data is protected with the highest industry encryption software, from student info to IDs and passwords. The system requires each school to validate a parent/guardian’s status before access is granted to student data.

CONGRATULATIONS, DONNA BRADT! Mrs. Bradt came in third runner-up in the Greenville County Teacher of the Year!

Bi-Lo BoostersBI-LO BOOSTERS: Thank you, Bi-Lo! Thanks to the Bi-Lo BoostersPlus program, Oakview received a check for $1500. Thank you to all the parents who support our school by using their Bi-lo Bonus Card and designating 1% of your purchase to our school.


CAR SAFETY INFORMATION: Want your kids to be safe riding in the car? See the safety tips brochure for both kids and parents on our Parents page.