Saturday, September 20, 2014
160 Fairforest Way • Greenville, S.C. 29607 • 864-355-6300 • FAX 864-355-6329

J.L. Mann Academy Magnet School


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Procedure for applying to JL Mann Academy

If you are a student seeking a high school that offers a demanding curriculum and that rewards excellence, JL Mann Academy should be your school of choice. The goals of our Academy are:

 To expand math, science, and technology instruction to attract motivated high school students of different racial, ethnic, social, and economic communities of Greenville.

Students who choose to enroll in the Academy will be offered a choice of three rigorous academic pathways in mathematics, science and technology. Course offerings include an array of CP, Honors and Advanced Placement courses taught by highly qualified instructors. A number of these faculty members hold doctoral degrees, have taught at the college level, and are Board Certified educators. Several of the courses related to our magnet focus are offered every other year. This expands the possible choices for our students who want to pursue college degrees and careers in math, science, and/or technology. With written approval from the Magnet Committee, some students seeking the Magnet Distinction award may choose to complete their pathway in science and technology at our district career centers. While magnet students MUST choose one of the three pathways that lead to Magnet Distinction, this same choice is open to ANY student enrolled at JL Mann Academy.

Maximum use is made of technology in the AP program as well as the mathematics and science courses which are preparatory to AP courses. Computers, as well as hand-held technology and advanced instructional tools such as Promethean boards, have become a part of every classroom and greatly enhance the learning environment at Mann Academy.

Students who see a future in the sciences, mathematics, engineering and/or computers, as well as those who wish to be prepared for the most challenging university programs, need more than the core offerings of our magnet program. Students who complete the requirements for Magnet Distinction will take three years of the same world language, gain skill in technical writing, earn at least one credit in Fine Arts and complete an independent Senior Project. Our foreign language program includes Spanish, French, German and Latin.  Mann Academy also offers a sequence of honors, AP, and college preparatory courses in the social sciences and humanities.

Our mission is to provide an environment with high standards, a challenging curriculum, and interdisciplinary studies where students pursuing their academic interests in the disciplines of math, science and technology can learn, achieve and prepare themselves for college and the world beyond.