Sunday, November 23, 2014
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Several Ladies from the Mary Alice Gibson Garden Club came to our school and worked really hard in renovating our School Courtyard.  First they cleaned, collecting several bags of leaves.  Then they proceeded to get to work.  Now where there was nothing we have beautiful bird houses, step stones, and other figures that make our courtyard look impressive.  They also provided us with some big planters located next to our benches.  They did a splendid job and now our courtyard looks fabulous. Please look at the pictures on the slide show to admire their AWESOME JOB!!!

PTA Reading Night/1st&5th Grade Performance
Everyone had a wonderful time at PTA Reading Night. We started the night with an excellent presentation from our 1st & 5th Grade Students. The children did a great job and we were all delighted to hear them sing.  Later the children were dismissed to the gym where they would attend a presentation with Author Chris Rumble.  The parents were sent to the classrooms according to grade levels.  Each classroom was giving a presentation with Strategies and Resources that the parents could use to help their students.  Two sessions were offered to give the parents the oportunity to go to different grade levels.  We would like to thank all the staff, parents, relatives and community members that made this night a complete success. 

School Report Card
You may access our new School Report Card document here.