Left and Right Brain Learning Styles

All of us use both sides of the brain, but most of us are either left or right brain dominant, which means that we may use the left or right brain characteristics more often in the ways we think, act and learn. It is important to recognize your brain dominance and value it as your special learning style. The next step is to begin developing the other side so that you can use your whole brain in thinking, acting and learning.

Read each pair of left and right brain characteristic and check the one that seems most like you. A good way to tell is to ask yourself which characteristic helps you learn better. If you strongly identify with both characteristics in a pair, then check both. More checks in the left column indicate left-brain dominance. More checks in the right column indicate right-brain dominance. Several checks in both boxes: a whole brain thinker.

____ Verbal (words and numbers)


____ Visual (pictures, graphs, charts…)


____ Sequential (step by step)


____ Holistic (seeing patterns and relationships)


____ Logical


____ Intuitive (knowing all at once)


____ Reasoning (cause and effect thinking)


____ Emotional (feeling)


____ Analytical


____ Creative


____ Realistic


____ Imaginative


____ Facts


____ Stories


____ Details


____ The big picture


____ Organized; on time


____ Spontaneous; timeless


____ Serious; work ethic


____ Humorous; play ethic


____ Math; Science


____ Art, music, drama, metaphor, color


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