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Outstanding Students

Ellen Woodside is pleased to celebrate the following fifth graders for having all A’s for 5 years

Luke B., Chantal G., Ada N. and KD Y.

Congratulations to fifth grader Jontae P. for having perfect attendance every year in elementary school.

Congratulations to the grade level winners for Accelerated Reader: 

Kindergarten – Bryson H.

1st grade Ethan A.

2nd grade – Cassidy H.

3rd grade – Johnathan S.

4th grade – Matthew M.

5th grade – Brandon C.

Congratulations to the school AR winner – Levi G. who earned 329.2 points!


Terrific Kids

Congratulations to these students for being named Terrific Kids for the 4th Quarter.

Destiny G., Dameon M., Cameron S., Karly R., Yazmin F., Allison A., Semaj J., David S., Keith P., Houston W., Savana H., J.B. S., Skyler T., Ryan C., Alex M., Michael D., Alexis B., Emily W., Adriana C., Erick C.,  Janae W., Elsie H., Hannah K., Cody S.,
Kelsi P., Danielle F., Jimmy F., Jasmine B., Gabrielle L., Roger M., April A., Will C., Taylor H., Haley P., Julia H., Elizabeth M., Noah S., Josie S., Katie C., Johnathan S., Patrick S., Emily V., Zoe J., Vivian E., Devin C., Matthew M., Emilee B., Imani M., Cherie W., Ronnie W., Brianna M., Tucker B., Isaac T., Madilyn S., Kayla B. and Jacob M.

You Will Be Missed

Mrs. Debbie Moorer and Ms. Neal Cash were honored at a district Retirement Dinner on May 27, 2010. Mrs. Moorer has been teaching for twenty seven years. Ms. Cash has taught at Ellen Woodside for thirty three years. Both of these ladies have touched many lives and served as wonderful teachers throughout their careers. They will be greatly missed, but the Ellen Woodside family wishes them the best!

Administrator of the Year

Ellen Woodside is proud to announce that principal, Stephanie Reese,  was named  Administrator of the Year at the district level.  She was presented with this honor during the "Salute To Education" banquet held at the Carolina First Center on
May 20, 2009.  Ellen Woodside is honored to have Mrs. Reese as principal. She has created a school environment that encourages excellence in every child and faculty member.

Spring Sing 2010

Congratulations to the following fifth grade students for being chosen to participate in the district’s Spring Sing concert:  Morgan P., Jacob M., Kristen W., Matthew W., Tristan N., Jenna O. and Cherie W..  The Spring Sing will be held April 20th at 7:30 at the Peace Center.

Science Fair Winners


Congratulations to the school Science Fair winners!

Fourth Grade
1st – Chance J.
2nd – Jacob H.
3rd – Jake
4th – Isaac H.
5th – Garrett G.
Fifth grade
1st – Sarah O.
2nd – Luke D.
 3rd – Morgan P.
4th – Matthew W.
5th – Ronnie W.

Classroom Celebrations

Join us as we celebrate our third quarter accomplishments!

Kindergarten:  April 15

1st grade: April 16

2nd grade: April 16

3rd grade:  April 14

4th grade:  April 13

5th grade:  April 15

*Please ask your child's teacher for individual class times for the celebrations

EWE Retires Flags


Ellen Woodside received a new South Carolina flag and a United States flag from Eric Beddingfield to fly in front of the school. The school's Boy Scout Troop retired the old flags during a flag burning ceremony at Camp Old Indian on March 6, 2010.


Ellen Woodside "Teams Up" With the Greenville Drive

Third through fifth graders may choose to participate in the Greenville Drive Reading All-Stars program
February 15th-March 19th. Students who complete the program will be honored at Fluor Field before the 7:00 p.m. Drive game on Monday, April 26th. Each student who succeeds will receive free admission, recognition on the scoreboard, participate in a parade around the outfield track, have a chance to throw the first pitch, and a Greenville Drive Reading All Stars T-shirt.

Click here for more information.



Terrific Kids


Congratulations to the Terrific Kids for the second quarter! 


These students will be honored by the Kiwanis Club with a certificate, t-shirt and bumper sticker.


Omar O., Lacie W., Alex M., Catherine O., Adam P., Jamia J., Lisa T., Jakhi W., Crystal B. Timothy S., Brittany Y., Nathan H., Jaquez H., Connor D., Manley T., Emma C., Nicole R., Logan P., Rylee R., Amanda C., Maddison Y., Aaron S., Hank R., Flor P., Zakiya J., Jackson L., Arif A., Isaac M., Jacob T., Austin M., Lindsey M., Victor P., Riley R. Emily W., Abby C., Bailey T., Parker S., Madison R., Jacob H., D.J. S., Zoe J., Savannah J., Katelyn E., Isaiah N., Brittney B., Jared L., David D., Madison G., Camron B., Jenna O., Kori G., Alexis D., Jennifer H., Matthew W., Thomas P. and Christian R.


Second Quarter Classroom Celebrations

Join us as we celebrate our second quarter accomplishments!

Kindergarten:  February 3

1st grade: February 5

2nd grade: February 1

3rd grade:  February 4

4th grade:  February 3

5th grade:  February 5

*Please ask your child's teacher for individual class times for the celebrations

Ellen Woodside 2009-2010 Student Council

The Ellen Woodside Student Council is made up of two students from each 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade class.  The council members are chosen by their classmates to represent the Ellen Woodside student body. These students meet with the principal to discuss school happenings and plan community service projects.

Congratulations to the following students who have been chosen as Ellen Woodside Student Council representatives: 

Breanna A., Wafa A., Deja O., Robert W., Gracie B., Kelsea D., Emily W., Connor B., Parker S., Katie C., Austin D., Jacob H., Lane T., Zoe J., Tank H., Patrick S., Brian G., Fernando S., Matthew M., Dylan B., Jenna O., Austin A., Cheyenne R. Timmy T., Emily H., Matthew W., and Kayla B..

"Yes We Can" Food Drive

Ellen Woodside students showed the true spirit of giving during this year's food drive. As a whole, the school collected over 3,100 food items.  These items will be given to families who are need for the holidays.

State Superintendent's Writing Award

Congratulations to the winners of the State Superintendent's Writing Awards Program for 5th grade students.  The school winner is fifth grade Luke B.  Class winners are as follows:   KD Y.- Mrs. Sarah Wilbanks' class, Kennedy L.- Mrs. Cathie Candler's class, Ada N. - Mrs. Vicky McDonald's class and Oliver M.- Mrs. Sandra Culbertson's class.

Family Connection Grant Awarded to Ellen Woodside

Ellen Woodside has been awarded a grant from the Family Connection.  Fifth grade students will participate in a disability awareness titled Awareness: The Key to Friendships.  Through the program with hands on activities, our school will have the opportunity to better understand what it is like to live with a disability.   Teachers will also be participating in an awareness training.

First Quarter Terrific Kids

Congratulations to these students who were named "Terrific Kids" for the first nine weeks.

Ashlee B., Aaron D. Reid P., Emma A., Lilli C., Jesse H. Jeremiah S. Cierra W. Mechelle G., Nandi M., Ethan E., Chanda C., Alissa B. KJ R., Joshua D., Ethan A., Nehemiah D., Cassandra G., Bria F., Jordan M., Hailey B., Cameron D. Katie G., Brixton I., Chandler H., Bailey A., Justin L., Kamaya G., Rebecca A., Abby L., Brooke S., Kati E. Gracie B., Evan D., Carter C., Ruthie C. Nick M., Zoe H., Zeek P. Chasity M., Hugh C., Lane T. Jarrod B., Katrina G., Justin G. Lillyanna R., Samantha B. John S.,
Hannah R. Oliver M., Ada N., Chantal G., Blaze B., KD Y. Tyler H., and Carson H.

Veteran's Day Lunch

We’d like to invite all active duty Armed Forces members and Veterans to the EWE Veteran’s Lunch Wednesday, November 11.  Lunch is $3.25 per adult.  Please check with your child's teacher for specific lunch times.



Classroom Celebrations
1st Nine Weeks

Join us as we celebrate our first quarter accomplishments!

Kindergarten:  November 4

1st grade: November 3

2nd grade: November 2

3rd grade:  November 5

4th grade:  November 4

5th grade:  November 6

*Please ask your child's teacher for individual class times for the celebrations

2009-2010 Ellen Woodside Chorus Members

DJ S., Lindsey B., Ebony M., Brittany B., Chasity M., Michael S., Caleb W., Brittney B., Natalie S., Alexis K., Patience H., Imani M., Alex K., Savannah J., Shania B., Brie M., Savanna R., Amelia F. Michael S., Hannah R., Ally R., Josealfredo C., Dani B., Jaiden C., Matthew Y., Matthew W., Aiden A., Kayla H., Carrie M., Charity W., Katelyn E.,  Faith A., Curtis S., Kristina W., Dyamond G., Fernando S., Jimmy N., Tristan N., Jenna O., Samantha B., Morgan P., Hannah R., Kayla S., Kennedy L., Cherie W., Melissa M., Jontae P., Madison N., Jacob M., Jennifer M., Casey H., Kristen W., Sarah O., Alexis K., Patience H., Christopher W., Kayla B., Emily H. Cheyenne R.

*Chorus will be performing along with 4th grade students at the October 12th PTA meeting.*

Ellen Woodside Faculty Flag Football Game

The Fourth Annual Flag Football Game against Fork Shoals Elementary will be September 28th at 4:00.  The game has been moved to a partner school and information will be sent with students regarding tickets.  Come out and support Tree of Love!

Attendance Blitz

Print Attendance Blitz info here.

The Ellen Woodside Attendance Blitz will begin in September. The school will be graphing absences and tardies. Students can enter our Poster Contest. The theme is "Good Attendance Counts!" Deadline for posters will be September 18th.


GED Classes

A GED class will be offered at Ellen Woodside beginning in September.  Please call 355-3433 if you are interested in enrolling.


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