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Where Enlightening Strikes First!

Greenville County Schools is proud to offer our young children and their families six Child Development Centers to serve them including, Dunbar Child Development Center, Golden Strip Child Development Center, Riley Child Development Center, Northwest Crescent Child Development Center, Overbrook Child Development Center, and Greenview Child Development Center.  These centers are strategically located across the district.  The Child Development Centers programs include 4K and Preschool Special Education.  The six Child Development Centers function with a principal and six assistant principals who ensure the curriculum, program and facility management is consistent among all six centers.  Each center has their own SIC committee reflecting the distinct needs of the community.  The Child Development Centers are committed to providing comprehensive, high quality programming to promote the development of young children and families in a caring and stimulating environment.

As the school comes to an end, our Child Development Center children have made great progress!  They are growing in their language use and in their knowledge of reading, writing, and numbers.  Together….we have helped young children become confident and caring people who fulfill themselves and are valued members of their families and communities.

What To Do At Home:

When you are together- eating, shopping, taking a walk, visiting a relative-talk, listen, and ask questions, about the new, interesting, and unusual things that you see and do.  Teach your child the meaning of new words.  Point out words and letters everywhere that you can.  Read street signs, traffic signs, billboards, and store signs and ask your child to begin naming them.  Keep reading to your child!

On behalf of the CDC staff, I sincerely thank you for your participation in school events, your support of our program, and especially for sharing your three and four year olds with us.  Education is a cooperative effort of home, school, and community.  As your child continues on their educational journey, we appreciate the relationships with our families and our belief that we are a school “Where Enlightening Strikes First for Children and Families!”


Doris Santanello, Principal

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