Grading, Progress Reports and Report Cards
Students receive report cards at the end of the 4 nine-weeks grading periods.  Students will receive progress reports at the mid-nine weeks point of each grading period.  High school students will receive a numeric grade for each subject based on the new statewide grading scale.  The numeric grade and category of the course will determine the quality points earned for each subject.  College Prep and Tech Prep courses earn the base weight. Honors, dual credit, and advanced placement courses have higher values.

A        93-100
B        85-92
C        77-84
D        70-76
F        63-69
(Partial GPR Point Credit)
F        62 or Below
(No GPR Point Credit)

The formula for figuring Grade Point Ratios (GPR) is:

GPR= Sum (quality points x Carnegie units earned
Sum of Carnegie units attempted

The grading system will be the same as that used throughout the district.  Any grades of "I" (incomplete) given as a nine-weeks' grade or final grade requires that the student make provision with the teacher to remove the "I".  All make-up work must be arranged
with the teacher within five days after the last absence.  If a student earns a D or F in a course, the course may be retaken no later than the next academic year.  Both grades will be calculated into the student's GPA.

Exam Policy

Exams are administered at the end of each semester.  No exams will be given early.  Students must return all books, clear all fines & debts prior to exams.  No "make-up  exams will be given unless the student's absence has been cleared with their grade level administrator.  All students will take all exams at the end of each semester.  There are NO exam exemptions in the School District of Greenville County.