Friday, October 9, 2015
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Hughes Academy Magnet Open House
October 22nd is Hughes Academy's Magnet Open House.  Hughes is the school that Blythe's Spanish Immersion students feed in to.  All Blythe Parents are invited to Hughes from 5:30-7pm  Their Newsletter is attached here!

Applications will be accepted from November 2nd until November 24th, 2015.  Please make sure you get an application to apply round 1 to attend Blythe Academy of Languages (if you live outside of the Blythe school zone) OR if you have a K4 child already attending Blythe (but not zoned for Blythe) and would like them to continue here at Blythe.  If you have questions, contact Priscilla Hoffman.  Screening dates and times are attached here.  Find answer to frequently asked questions here.

Magnet Open Houses

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