Friday, October 31, 2014
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On March 18, 2013, Brook Glenn celebrated the upcoming state writing test with guest authors throughout the day. One of our published guests included Jean Casey, author of Sausagetta. Ms. Casey read her book aloud to the students, while incorporating hand movements for various portions of the story, and had teachers and students laughing wildly at her funny tale. The story of Sausagetta dates back to Ms. Casey’s Grandmother Rizzuti, who only spoke Italian, and entertained her grandchildren with this tale of a very small child who ends up in a pot of pasta. Jean Casey is a native of New York, currently residing in Greenville, and remains employed as a Registered Nurse. As she told us, Ms. Casey is not an author; she just happened to have a story to be told. Ms. Casey inspired students to look at their family traditions, and write a story about it. Thank you Jean Casey for motivating our students to write!