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Berea High School

Class of 1977

Steve Peace, Senior Class President
Class Moto:  We shall pass through this world but once:  Any good thing, therefore that I can do
Or any kindness that I can show, Let me do it now; For I shall not pass this way again.

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  Brad Abbott
  Tommy Abbott
  Connie (Adcox) Boehmke
  Faith (Anderson) Capps
  Donna (Atkins) Coker
  Michael Austin

  Gary Barnes
  Jeff Barton 
  Carol Baskins (Most Intellectual)
  Debbie Batson
  Patti (Batson) Crumpton
  Deborah (Bell) Brockman
  Leesa Bell
  David Black
  Marie (Blackmon) Orr (Best Looking, Class 
                         Sweethearts, and Class Secretary)
  Gerry Boehmke
  Jim Bostick (Most Intellectual)
  Terry Bowlin

  Jeanne (Branch) McBride
  Nannette Brooks

  Jane (Brothers) Reed
  Mike Brownlee
  Debbie (Bryant) Williams
  Tracy Burnett
  Cathy Bush
  Charles Butler (Most Popular, Outstanding 
                          Leadership, and Best All Around)
  Jennifer (Cantrell) House
  Tina Carter
  Mark Cato

  James Chapman (Class Council)
  Linda Childress
  Dana Cisson
  Joe Clark
  Earl Clayton
  Linda Clayton
  Stanley Cleveland

  Linda Cochran
  Luell Coggins (Most Talented)
  Bob Cook (Wittiest)
  Ricky Couch
  William Craft
  Greg Craigo
  Philip Crapps
  Ed Culbertson
  Wanda (Curtis) Aikens
  Ron Davidson
  Billy Davis
  Teresa Davis
  Tim Davis
  Holly Derrick
  Donald Dial 
  Karen Dickson
  Libby (Dickson) Moore
  Steve Dillon
  Ida Dogan
  Judith (Dudley) Wyatt
  Cyndi (Duncan) Lewis (Most School Spirit &  Courteous)
  Stanley Duncan 
  Kelly Durham

  Kem Durham
  Vera Durham
  Becki Ellison
  Linda Elrod
  Leslie (Eskew) Clayton
  Gail (Evans)Thomas
  Pat Everhart
  Lisa Wanda Fant*
  Tracy Farris (Most Athletic)
  Michael Fay
  Denise (Finley) Dunlap
  Beverly Flint
  Pamela Floyd
  Shuwana (Foster) Eargle
  Gary Franklin
  Michael Franklin
  Jeff Friar 
  Tim Gaddis
  Phil Gaines
  Mike Gambrell
  Rickey Garren
  Anna Garrison
  Brad Gilchrest
  Susan Girardeau
  Frank Granger (Most Courteous)
  Jim Gravlee 
  Robin Gravely
  Randy Gray
  Paula (Greene) Childers
  Marty Griffin
  Dwain Guyton (Class Council)
  Patti Hairston
  Rhonda (Hamby) Pippin
  Terry Harmon
  Dale Hayes
  Johnny Hendricks
  Susan (Hendricks) Fowler
  David Hendrix (Best Looking)
  Rudolph Hill
  Greg Holland
  David Holmes
  Cindy Howard
  Rick Howard
  Tomy Hudson (Class Council)
  Janice Hughes
  Howard Humphreys
  Lynn Hunn

  Julie (Jackson) Taylor
  Kathy Jaynes (Best All Around)
  Pam Jeffeaux
  Ricky Jenkins
   Sharon Johnson
  Tony Jordon
  Kenneth Kirby
  Kim (Kirby) Reynolds
  Diane (Kinney) Harris
  George Klokocnik
  Steve Lam
  Angela Lazar
  Jeannie League
  Patricia (Ledbetter) Drake
  Steve Lesley
  William Ligeon
  Susie (Lindeen) McFarland
Leah Malone
  Donna Malone
  Andrew Manigault
  Ben Martin
  Russell Mauldin
  Jay McAlister
  John McElrath
  Donna (McJunkin) Wells
  Johnny McMahan
  Gary Medlock
  Teresa (Mercer) Long

  Monica Miller
  Tami (Moody) Clark
  Teresa (Moon) Stoecker
  Cindy (Moore) Atkins
  Tommie Morris
  Susan Mullinax (Wittiest)
  Julia (Myers) Spalding
  Mike Myers
  Margaret Myrick
  Steve Nally
  Rindy (Newton) Staffins
  Sharon Norris
  Patricia (O'Connor) Head

  Pam O'Kelly
  Chuck Orr (Most Athletic and Class Sweethearts)
  Greg Osteen
  Kathy (Padgett) Loflin (Most Popular/Class Council)
  Betty Palmer 
  Joe Pannell
  Danielle Paris
  Steve Peace (Most School Spirit)
  Danny Pearson
  Renda Peters
  Curtis Poole
  Marie (Poole) Hart
  Eddie Porter
  Kathy (Porter) Sneitzmier
  Teresa (Porter) Fox
  Cheryl Poston
  Martha Powell
  Mitchell Price
  Cheryl Pringle
  Kenneth Puckett
  Mark Puckett
  Meg Randle (Class Council)
  Larry Redding

  Donna Reeps
  Mark Reese
  Mitch Revis
  Rick Richter
  Rick Riddley
  Jane (Roach) Reeps (Best Dressed)
  Steve Roach
  Gary Robbins
  Jonna Roberts
  Mel Roberts
  Salena (Robinson) Dorsey
  Curtis Rollins
   Roberto Roman
  Lynn (Rookard) Chapman (Class Council)
  Kathy Roper
  Bill Ross
  Larry Rucker
   Ricky Sams
  Sherri Satterfield
  Kimberly (Scott) Garrett
  Deane Sheriff
  Sherry Simpson
  Scott Singleton
  Ben Smith
  Dennis Smith
  Eric Smith
  Richard Smith
  Harold Smith
  Rusty Smith
  Sharon Smith
  Sherri Smith

  Terry (Smith) Moore
  Victor Smith
  Jimmy Southerland
  Jana Sowder
  Greg Sparkman
  Kim (Stafford) Bower (Most Talented)
  Charles Stancil (Most Likely to Succeed & Class Council)
   Fredda (Stapleton) Lazar 
   Lee (Stargel) Kulojl
  Donald Stephens (Best Dressed & Class Treasurer)
  Cindy Stewart 
  Curtis Strickland
  Calvin Sullivan
  Anthony Suther
  Terry Taylor
  Cheri Thomas (Outstanding Leadership, Most Likely
                 to Succeed, and Senior Class Vice President)
  Gary Thomas
  Terry (Thomas) Bryant
  Carol (Thomason) Townsend
  Shirley Thomason
  Delaine Thompson
  Janet Thornton
  Tammy Turner
  Louisa (Tuttle) Patterson
  Jody Tyler
  Tabares Ubilelly

  Mark Vaughn
  Eddie Vickery

  Sherry Vinskus
  David Waldrop
  Margaret Waldrop
  Robert Waldrop
  Diana Walker
  Robin (Warren) Patton
  Terry Washburn
  Nanette (Watson) Brooks
  Andy Watts
  Connie Wells
  Steve Whitlowe

  Teresa Whittington
  Eddie Wike
  Karen (Williams) Vostenak
  Pam Williams
  Cynthia (Wood) Britt
  Randy Wyatt
  Diane (Yeomans) Campbell
  Donna (Yeomans) Young
  Chuck Young
     Additional Member
  Kendall Adams


*Please help us find these "lost" contacts.  If you have an address/email, telephone number, or know   someone who can contact     these classmates, please refer this information to Kathy Padgett Loflin.

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