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Berea High School

Class of 1973

*Greg Martin, Class President
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- 30th Anniversary Reunion video available from Babbs & Greg Martin
  Susan (Adams) Benigno
  James Aiken
  Jerry Allen (Most Courteous, Class Vice President)
  Alan Anderson
  Shirley (Andrews) Ivey
  Keith Anthony
  John Atkins
  James Austin
  Deborah (Barker) Hamilton
  Christi (Barton) Laws (Most Popular / Best All Around)
  Jeff Batson
  Janice (Bayne) Hendrix
  Doris Berryhill
  Cathy (Bishop) Hammond (Best Dressed)
  Connie (Bishop) Wilson
  Jerry Black

  Allyson (Blair) Hatcher (Most Courteous, Most
      Intellectual, Most Likely to Succeed, Valedictorian)
  Denise Blakely (Most Athletic)
  Dennis Blakely

  Bobby Bolden
  Corethia (Booker) Allen
  Mark Bostian
   Chip Bowlin
  Diahann (Boyd) Lange
  Mike Bridwell
  Barbara (Bright) Thomas
  Sheila Brooks
  Tommy Brown
  Ricky Buchanan
  Eric Buffamoyer
  Mike Burdine
  Pat (Burgess) Williams
  Cheryl (Burns) McNeely
  Carroll Burton
  Ken Butler
  Steve Butler
  Vicki (Buzzard) DiTomaso
  Jack Cann
  Byron Cantrell
  Donnie Chambers
  Becky (Chapman) Cartee
  Mary (Chapman) Sloan
  Martha Childress
  Ken Chrisman
  Sonny Clamp
  Dottie Clark
  Ricky Clark
  Lynn (Coggins) Dyson
  Janice (Collins) Holloway
  Marisa (Condit) Adrian
  Donna (Couch) Ward
  Cathy Counts
  Danny Crawford
  Sharon Cromer
  Bruce Culbertson
  Allen Dacus (Best Dressed, Most Likely to Succeed,
                           and Most Intellectual)
  Babs (Dalton) Martin (Class Sweetheart)
  Nan (Dalton) Kislik
  Ann (Davis) Stegall
  Dale Davis
  Greg Davis
  Steve Davis
  Bruce Derrick
  Jane (Donaldson) Brannan
  Donna (Duncan) Anderson
  Michael Duncan
  Brian Durham
  Mellica (Easterling) Ray
  Wesley Edwards
  Dirk Eskew
  Jerome Evans
  Karen (Evans) Turner
  Deborah (Fant) Aiken
  Karen (Fay) Shumate
  C. Marshall Ferguson
Marisa Ferri
  Adrienne Floyd
  Phyllis (Fortner) Long
  Shirley Foster
  Cathy (Fowler) Strong
  Scotty Galloway
  Larry Garrison
  Bob Gilliam
  Robin (Goldsmith) Whitfield
  Cathy (Gooding) Lipscomb
  Linda Granger
  Alan Greene
  Charles Griffin
  Sandra Griffin
  Jan (Griffith) Pollard
  Billie Jo (Hamby) Chastain
  Dale Hamby
  Joyce (Harmon) Bridges
  Sherri (Hawkins) Stancell
  Debbie (Hendricks) Owens
  Pat Henson
  Judy (Hester) Moss
  Susan (Hester) Hindman

  Danny Hice
  Carl Hicks
  Donnie Hicks
  Barbara (Hill) Foltz
  Rick Holcombe
  Libby (Holliday) Cartee
  Lynne (Holliday) Hudson
  Kenny Hudgens
  Butch Huff
  Cathy Hunt
  Steve Hunt
  Lynn Ivester
  Wendell Ivey
  Frankie Jackson
  Randy Jackson (Most Handsome)
  Cheryl (Jamison) Norris
  Joyce (Jenkins) Phillips
  Sheila (Jones) Van Vlake
  Wanda (Jones) Allen
  Terri (Jordan) Price
  Terri (Kessler) Owens
  Terri (Knight) Carroll
  Shelley Lail
  Jo Anne Laughter
  Dale Laws (Most Athletic)
  Susan (Lowe) McConnell (Most Outstanding Leadership)
  Charles Madison
  James Manigault
  Ted Mann
  Becky (Mantooth) Galloway
  Greg Martin (Most Outstanding Leadership, Most 
                    Popular, Most Dependable, Best All Around)
  Toni Masters
  Curt Matthews (Most Talented)
  David McCall
  Steve McCall
  Becky (McCarson) Holloway
  Danny McClellan
  Pamela (McDaniel) Melton
  Sharon McMahan
  Jackie Medlin
  Sandy (Medlin) Cox
  Terry Medlin
  Peggy (Medlock) Stokes
  Debbie (Merck) Campbell
  Terry Merritt
  Jannie (Moody) Jones
  Linda Morgan
  Richard Morrison
  Vicki (Mote) Buffamoyer
  Pete Mull
  Libby Mullinix
  Bradley Murphy
  Kathie (Newton) Riddle
  Susan (Newton) Lewis
  Monica (Nicholson) Carver (Most Talented)
  Gail (Nix) Seeger
  Mike Nolan
  Mack Norris
  Mike Owens
  Sherry (Owens) Britt
  Connie Page
  Joanne (Painter) Durham
  Susan (Palmer) Sullivan
  Cherry Park
  Michael Parker
  Cherl (Parks) Godfrey
  Greg Peace
  Valencia Perry
  Lester Phillips
  Michael Phillips
  Sharon (Poole) Johnson
  Lyn (Pressley) Ridlehover
  Darrell Pyeatt
  Terry Ray
  Susan (Reeves) Beeco (Wittiest)
  Wayne Reid
  Julie (Revis) Edwards (Secretary-Treasurer)
   Jim Rice
   Dennis Riddle
  Kelly Rives
  Claudette Robinson
  Muchelle (Robinson) Moore
  Carol (Rollins) Haines (Most Dependable)
  Ramon Rubio
  Pam Rushton
  George Shell
  Sharon (Shockley) Martin
  Stan Silver
  Mary Ann Sitton
  Don Smith
  Rhona Smith
  Jeffrey "Skip" Smith (Wittiest)
  "Steve" Smith
  Terry Smith
  Sharon (Spoon) Cunningham
  Nancy Jo (Stancil) Owens
  Robert Stansell
  Terry Stapleton
  Tommy Starkey
  John Strickland
  Sandra (Suther) Studenmund
  Laura (Tate) Carey
  Ricky Tate
  Denise (Taylor) Huffman
  Ben Trammell
  Jenean (Trammell) Gibson
  Doris Trentham
  Karen (Tucker) Shirley
  Nancy (Tucker) Clay
  Rita (Turner) Brett
  Bonnie (Tuten) Crawford
  Joyce (Vaughn) Belt
  Roy Vaughn
  Beth Waldrop
  Geri (Wallace) Sciple
  James Washington
  Rhonda Westmoreland
  Judy (White) Simmons
  Beverly (Williams) Suber
  Cindy (Williams) Appleton
  Mary (Williamson) Dellinger
  Ava (Wilson) Chitty
  Eddie Wilson
  Kathie (Wilson) Jones
  Mike Wilson
  Richie Wilson
  Ronnie Wilson
  Lora Lee Wofford
  Barry Wyatt


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