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Berea High School

Class of 1962

Frankie Cothran, Senior Class President

Front Row L-R:  Elizabeth Ray Harrelson, Faye Tucker Bryan, Bob Burdine, Carol Burdine Anderson, Francis Barbour Martin
Second Row L-R:  
Linda Shelton Harris, Gary Osteen, Ken Jenkins, Don Morton

The above listed students began the first grade and continued through their twelfth grade graduation together in the old Berea High School building located on Farr's Bridge Rd.  The graduation ceremony was held in the Berea First Baptist Church sanctuary May 31, 1962.

Front Row L-R:  Ruby Brown Gosnell, Charles Duncan, Emma Satterfield Holder, Sylvia Galloway Fowler, Faye Tucker Bryan, Bob Burdine, June Southerlin Watson, Brenda Barton Isler
Second Row L-R:  Frank Cothran, Ken Jenkins, Gary Osteen, Al Roach, Gail Morgan Osteen, Francis Barbour Martin
Third Row L-R:  Margaret Hawkins Durham, Elizabeth Ray Harrelson, Coach Jim Mattos
Fourth Row L-R:  Charles Carswell, Virgil Dryman, Joe Bracken, Pat McWhorter Hadley, Don Morton, Linda Shelton Harris

These classmates were in attendance at their fifty year reunion, held at the Berea Lions Club building, June 23, 2012.  Those also attending, but not pictured, were Cheryl Caldwell Sedgley and Gloria Crane Phillips.  Picture made in front of the old Berea High School Auditorium, Farr's Bridge Rd.

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  Rebecca (Abbott) Smith
  Frances (Barbour) Martin (Best Dressed, Most
                                           Popular, and Miss Hi Miss)
  Brenda (Barton) Isler (Most Likely to Succeed)
  Martha Bates
  Brenda (Bolding) Batson
  Joe Bracken (Wittiest)
  Ruby Brown
  Carroll Burdine
  Robert Burdine
  Cheryl (Caldwell) Sedgley (Most Athletic)
  Charles Carswell
  Jake Christopher
  Denny Cole (Most Intellectual)
  Frank Cothran (Most Talented, Succeed, Dependable)
  Gloria Crane 
  William Dickson (Mr. King Teen, & Mr. Civitan)
  Virgil Dryman
  Charles Duncan
  Jerry Frady
  James Freeman
  Sylvia Galloway
  Magaret (Hawkins) Durham (Most Intellectual, Most 
                                                      Talented,  Miss D.A.R.)
  George Hilliard
  William Jenkins
  Pat McWhorter (Wittiest)
  Barbara Merrill
  Gail (Morgan) Osteen
  Donnie Morton
  Gary Osteen (Most Athletic & Best Dressed)
  Elizabeth (Ray) Harrelson
  Al Roach (Best All Around & Most Popular)
  Emma Satterfield
  Gloria Scott
  Linda (Shelton) Harris
  Gloria June (Southerlin) Watson
  Robert Thompson
  Linda Tucker
  Violet (Vaughn) Kaminiski (Most Dependable)
  Linda (Watts) Hilliard (Best All Around)
.          .           .       . . .        .          . .        .


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