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Armstrong PTA

Armstrong has an active, involved, and supportive PTA. They sponsor various fund-raising projects, which provide equipment, materials and other pertinent needs for our school. Parents, grandparents, family members, and friends are invited to not only join PTA, but also encouraged to become actively involved in PTA and PTA sponsored activities. Typically there are meetings once a month, which may include a Back to School Night, Fall Festival, Math Family Night, and Math Reading Night. Announcements about meeting dates are printed on the school marquee and in the Bull Pups' Bulletin and are communicated by telephone through the School Messenger.

See our calendar for PTA upcoming events

Please support our school by joining PTA. Make checks payable to Armstrong Elementary PTA.You don"t have to volunteer your time or have children in school to belong to PTA.


Anyone interested in serving on the Armstrong Elementary PTA Board school year,
please call 355-1148.


Click here for Back to School Tips for Parents

Ways that everyone can help Armstrong
All labels are due by the end of the year.  The barcode must be included on the soup label for Armstrong to get credit.

Campbell's Soup Labels  
By simply removing and sending in labels from cans of Campbell Soup, our school receives credits to purchase things for the children.  Y
ou can also earn our school 25 bonus labels from Campbell's soup by signing up at (Sign up first then go to the home page and click on the Labels for Education banner and scroll down to put in school zip code 29617.) Thanks to all of you for helping our school. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Tyson A+ labels and Box Tops 
Our school receives money for donated Tyson A+ labels and Box Tops - please remember to send yours in each month!
Please remember to turn in your box top labels! Parents can also help us earn points by signing up for the Booster Club at For each person who joins we earn 5 bonus box tops (50 cents). So pass along the word, anyone can sigh up and there is no obligation! Plus, check out the other offers on the website that can earn our school money.


PTA returned check policy:
The PTA will be charging a fee for returned checks.


We value and appreciate our volunteers!  Please consider becoming one!