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Friday, February 27, 2015
Alexander Elementary • 1601 West Bramlett Road • Greenville, SC 29611 • (864) 355-1000 • Fax: (864) 355-1044

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About Us

Grades- K4 to 5th

Enrollment- Approximately 380 students

Location- About 1 mile from the Pendleton Arts District

School Colors- Blue and Gold

Mascot- Alex the Eagle

Immigration Day

Happy Immigration Day from 5th grade students and teachers from Alexander Elementary! Our students arrived at Ellis Island, dressed as immigrants and had to wait in long lines for inspections, questioning, and examinations before being welcomed to America!





Eruption Day

Michelle Padilla Cortes, a fifth grader in Mr. Qualls's class at Alexander Elementary School, poses proudly with her erupting volcano for the grade level's ERUPTION DAY 2014. The special event served as a conclusion of their study on constructive and destructive forces in Science!


Tutoring Intense Program

Learning can be fun and tasty!

Mr. Parrish's 4th grade afterschool group worked on a tasty math activity. They had a pumpkin jar full of candy corn (regular and chocolate mixed). First, they estimated the count. Then, they bagged them in bags of 25. They counted them by 25. This led into a discussion that showed the relation to money, specifically quarters and dollars. They also discussed percentages of plain vs. chocolate candy corn. Everyone got to take home a bag of plain and a bag or chocolate candy corn for fall. Of course we were sanitary and wore gloves! 


The Great Math Race Links


Addition facts to 10 – 40 facts in 6 minutes:

1st grade

 Addition facts to 10 – 40 facts in 4 minutes:

Addition facts to 18 in 8 minutes:

Subtraction facts to 10 – 40 facts in 4 minutes:

Subtraction facts to 18 in 10 minutes:

2nd grade

Addition facts to 20 in 6 minutes:

Subtraction facts to 20 in 8 minutes:

Multiplication - 56 facts to 6’s in 7 minutes:

100 Multiplication facts to 12’s in 12 minutes:

3rd grade

Qualifying Race of 56 facts to 6’s in 5 minutes:

100 Multiplication facts to 12’s in 10 minutes:

4th grade

100 Multiplication facts to 12’s in 8 minutes:

98 Division facts to 9’s in 8 minutes:

5th grade

100 Multiplication facts to 12’s in 5 minutes:

98 Division facts to 9’s in 5 minutes:


The Progression of our new Mural

We started at the bottom...





 Alexander Murals - Part II


Alexander Murals - Part III

 And it just keeps getting better... 


Phase II is well underway...



 The Butterfly Garden is on the way...



Falls Park Bridge - Downtown Greenville